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Expansive industry knowledge spanning over 27 years in real estate, property development & construction, has resulted in over $1b in property transactions.

A dad to 3 beautiful children, Stephen is committed to creating a legacy for them and provide motivation not only for them, but others who find themselves faced with a crossroad decision in life. Grounded in faith, his heart is ALWAYS committed to helping others, whether that is in life or business.

As a teenager, Stephen found himself to be on the wrong side of school bullies, whether that was a teacher or student. Despite these difficulties, his faith and martial-arts training helped him maintain a strong determination to overcome and persevere, a trait that has flowed into the way he does business. Stephen recalls a particular moment, at a year 11 (High School) parent teacher interview, where the head of Math said, "your son should drop out and do a trade". Stephen recalls this moment vividly,


"I remember the rush I felt inside me, like a well overflowing, I stood up, pointed my right-hand pointer finger at Mr W and said, one day, I will become successful and earn more money than you will in your life-time. And after saying that, I walked out and the rest is history."

Stephen goes onto to say, "I am grateful for those moments in my life and for what Mr W said, because what they meant for bad, through my faith, I turned it around for good. We always have a choice in life, and we should always choose life. I have a long road ahead, but I know that if I surround myself with eagles, rather than hang around turkeys, I know that I will make it."

Stephen has surrounded himself with like minded and highly successful entrepreneurs around the globe, and meets with them on a fortnightly basis to discuss opportunities ranging from IPO's, Property Acquisitions, Property Developments and Business Investment deals including Private Lending.

As an entrepreneur and business owner of Stallion Property Group & Stallion Realty, Stephen is determined to help his clients and their families, "Whether they are selling their home, buying a new one, renovating, building or even developing property, being able to see the smile on their face is what drives me to deliver the best outcome for them...that moment is what solidifies my life-time relationship with them."

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